islamabad - Residents of Sohan area of the federal capital are forced to spend sleepless nights as incessant power failures in the area have become a routine in the sultry weather.

Almost all the towns of Sohan, including Azhar Town, Awan Town, Malik Zubair Town, Nawab Town, Old Sohan and New Sohan, are at the receiving end due to prolonged outages.

Azhar Town residents said that they had been sweating and facing trouble in the hot humid weather due to frequent power failures for the past one month. “We have been facing frequent disruption in the power supply. Infants, elderly people, school-going children and patients are the worst sufferers,” said Idrees Ahmed, a resident of Azhar Town.

Naveed Ahmed, a resident of Awan Town, said that the entire Sohan had been facing power disruptions for the past several weeks. “Last night the power went off at around 6 pm. We lodged several complaints with the Islamabad Electric Supply Company but the power was restored after 8 hours at 2 am,” he added.

Expressing similar views, Rabia Bibi, another resident, said that even if complaints were registered in time, it took hours for the IESCO to rectify the fault. “Sometimes there is no electricity in morning hours, while it has become a routine to spend every second or third night without it”, she said. “I feel tired all the day due to this hour-long power failure. I have to fan my kids with notebooks and other stuff during the entire night. This exhausts me and leaves me prone to irritation next day,” she added.

Habib Ahmed, a resident of Old Sohan, said that the outages were taking place due to one or the other reason; either a problem in electricity wires or transformers. “The whole power infrastructure in our area needs overhauling”, he said. The ageing and under-capacity wires and transformers need to be replaced otherwise the situation will worsen with each passing day,” he added.

Many residents said that the area was also witnessing frequent voltage fluctuations due to which electrical appliances such as fans, washing machines, stabilizers, refrigerators, microwave ovens and televisions were being damaged.