OKARA/TOBA TEK SINGH-Scores of PTI activists took out rallies here dancing on drum beats and celebrated the election of Imran Khan as the prime minister of Pakistan.

They also chanted slogans and sang the PTI songs. A number of cars and motorcycle rallies were also taken out by the youth who were wearing PTI bands on their heads. Outside the office of PTI Central Vice President Chaudhry Muhammad Ashfaq near grain market, sweets were distributed to scores of people who had gathered there after hearing the news that Imran Khan had become prime minister. Crackers were also fired as jubilation by the PTI workers.

Okara, showering high felicitations on Imran Khan on his election as prime minister, the nation hopes the adoption of honest dealing, fair-play, vengeance-less and reformative performance from Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) government. It was conveyed by the PTI ticket holder for Punjab Assembly Haji Muhammad Saleem Sadiq.

He expressed his gaieties in huge gathering at the enclosure of Sanam cinema. As soon as the National Assembly speaker announced the result of the election for the prime minister of Pakistan in favour of Imran Khan, the people present at the dera jumped with joy and started raising slogans of Imran Khan Zindabad, PTI Zindabad and Pakistan Paindabad. Immediately, baskets of sweet meats were opened and all the PTI supporters present at the occasion relished the sweet taste of victory. Young supporters of the party started Bhangra.

At the occasion the die-hard supporters of PTI Azim Tamkin and Wajdaanur Rahman laid their request to PM Imran Khan to acknowledge the confidence of nation on him and extend a gift to nation by fixing the per unit price of electricity at Rs8 in his first speech to the nation after oath taking.

They said the concession in electricity bills would add at least two oven breads in the meal of average middle class family besides the nation would received great relief from over-billing.