LAHORE - Hours after Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan took oath as 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan, his verified twitter account was updated as ‘Prime Minister of Pakistan’ and Twitterati came out with thousands of tweets congratulating the Kaptaan.

It was like a festival on Twitter. Everyone was sending tweets to congratulate Prime Minister Imran Khan from within and outside the country.

Like many other twitter trends along with ‘22nd Prime Minister of  Pakistan’ there were two hashtags which got immense popularity within no time #Sidhu and #BushraBibi and remained on top.

Former Indian cricket star Navjot Singh Sidhu was equally receiving appreciation and hateful tweets from Pakistan and India respectively. People from Pakistan using his twitter account @sherryontopp were thanking him for coming all over from India and presenting a ‘shawl’ to Kaptaan.

Sidhu after attending the PM’s oath-taking ceremony talked to media and said Imran was the only person who had abilities to remove all hurdles between India and Pakistan.

Sidhu even hugged Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa during his brief meeting with the Army chief. The pictures of greetings went viral and extremist mindset from India starting accusing him a ‘traitor’.  An unverified account having 19 million followers of Sidhu tweeted “If Imran Khan became prime minister in 2023, then I will still come to Pakistan. Imran khan is my friend. Tay yaar oohi hunday nay jairay yar di khushi wich shareek hon”. Interestingly his unverified account was made in August 2018 as well. His verified account @sherryontopp did not make any tweet. 

Sabeen Riaz tweeted “Navjot Singh Sidhu is man of his words. He gifted “Shawl” to IK and gave us the message of love and peace. COAS Gen. Qamar Javaid Bajwa hugged him and promised to open border on 550 death anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak. Thank you sir for winning our hearts”

PTI verified account said “No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you”. Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi before he took oath as PM of Pakistan this historic morning”.

On twitter user Maryam @BefourMaryam said “Bushra Bibi was covered from head to toe but her walk was so confident. Niqab, Abaaya, Hijab whatever you wanna call it, it never oppresses a woman, that’s just a wrong perception.”

Actress Veena Malik tweeted, “Elegance, poise and finesse of our first lady Bushra Bibi. I’m already a fan”

One user Ali? @maXes_MB claimed, “Sindh Government had a lavish menu for CM Sindh oath-taking ceremony, the menu included Reshmi Kabab, chicken wings, finger fish, chicken patties, ghulab jaman etc where as the guests were just served tea and biscuits for #NayaPakistan”

The first tweet of Prime Minister Imran Khan was “I want to make it clear I stand by our nominee Usman Buzdar for CM Punjab. I have done my due diligence over the past 2 weeks & have found him to be an honest man. He has integrity & stands by my vision & ideology of Naya Pakistan.” He was responding to a criticism on his selection as Punjab chief minister.  

In a series of tweets, Imran Khan explained why he chose Usman Buzdar as Punjab CM. “This is the first time Punjab will have a CM from such a neglected area who is acutely aware of what has to be done there. I fully back him all the way,” Khan tweeted. Later, he tweeted, “Usman comes from one of the most backward areas of Punjab - the tribal area of DG Khan Division.

It is an area that has no electricity, water or a doctor for over 200,000 ppl. He understands the problems of the ppl of neglected areas & will be able to ensure their uplift as CM.”

The twitterati did not miss a chance to express their views on important political or social happenings in Pakistan.