LAHORE  -  Director General of Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) Dr Rizwan Naseer paid tribute to rescuers and all humanitarian workers on the World Humanitarian Day to be marked today. He said these humanitarian workers were real heroes of any society as they sacrifice their time, efforts and even risk their lives to provide support to the people affected by any accident, emergency or disaster in any country.

He said all human beings deserve right to timely emergency care without any discrimination in case of any emergency or disaster. The Rescue 1122 has provided life-saving assistance to over six million victims of accidents, emergencies and disasters without discrimination, making it the leading emergency humanitarian organisation of Pakistan, he added. The DG said that Rescue 1122 through its community safety programme has so far trained over 150,000 rescue scout volunteers to work as humanitarian workers in every union council to promote safety culture and provide timely emergency response in case of any untoward incident.

CM message:

In his message on World Humanitarian Day, Interim Chief Minister Hasan Askari said that the purpose of celebrating this day is to create awareness about importance of love with human beings and we should praise the services of individuals and institutions who work for the welfare of fellow human beings at individual and collective level.  He said humanitarianism demands that we discharge the responsibility of serving the human fellow human beings without any personal benefit and advantage. He said this is the responsibility of every individual of the society that to serve the human beings because it gives comfort and peace. He said every human being should help their fellows for peaceful and productive society and even in the current age of conflicts there is no shortage of the people who serve their fellow beings selflessly.