KARACHI   -   To punish India for her grave human rights violations in the occupied Kashmir, the Islamic countries should opt for its complete economic boycott, said Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor here Sunday.

He said the belligerent government of Modi is bent to destroy the world peace and it is threatening for the first use of nuclear strike. He said the United Nations and all peace loving countries of the world should strongly condemn the threat of nuclear terrorism of India.

He said the world community should come forward to get stopped ongoing genocide of Kashmiri civilians at the hands of Indian occupation army. He said rape, murder and mayhem of women and children should stop immediately. He said the Kashmiri people should be given their birthright of freedom.

The United Nations should hold an urgent plebiscite in Kashmir so that these oppressed people could also live with peace and security. Altaf Shakoor said that the developed world and all Islamic countries should opt for economic boycott of India till it stops the genocide in the occupied Kashmir.

He said now the ugly face of so-called Indian democracy has been fully exposed before the world. He said the world community should exert full political, economic and diplomatic pressure on India to save the lives of innocent Kashmiris including women and children.

Altaf Shakoor said Pakistan is fully capable to defend its borders. He said any misadventure of India on the border or Line of Control would be thwarted with full force. He said the brave Pakistani army has already shown India that it would be brow-beaten if casts evil eye on Pakistan.

He said the nuclear program of Pakistan is safe and secure in the hands of a responsible command and control. He said the inhuman behavior of Modi government has proved the notion that India is a terrorist and rouge state and a grave threat to world peace.

He appealed the world community to take notice of terrorism of Indian occupation army in Kashmir valley. He requested the Islamic countries to boycott India social, politically and more importantly economically to punish her for its violence and atrocities to innocent Kashmiri people.