KARACHI          -     Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal on Sunday called for developing new cities with comprehensive planning with a vision to steer the country out of socio-economic crises.

The move, Kamal hops, would help ensure economic empowerment and social wellbeing of Pakistanis. Addressing the party workers’ 16th training  session outside PSP head office Kamal said “If we continued to build unplanned cities, it will create severe civic complications in years to come.

Development of new cities on a war footing basis can resolve complex issues currently faced with the people. It’s a global trend that people from far flung areas and villages opt to move towards cities for seeking good education, healthcare, employment and better livelihoods. Countries having more population in cities as compared to villages are economically empower because cities provide opportunities for the people to excel in their professions , enabling them to have better Living standards. He recalled Prime Minister Imran Khan’s first speech after assuming the premiership in which he had emphasized upon physical and mental growth of children which is one of the crucial issues. This very issue can be addressed if the government goes for new planned cities.