HAFIZABAD - The teachers’ organisations in the district have protested against the indifferent and apathetic attitude of the higher officers for not taking any action against the Chief Executive Officer of Hafizabad District Education Authority despite registration of a case against him on the charge of allegedly raping a female teacher.

The teachers’ organisations including Muttahida Mahaaz Asataza (MMA) have expressed their resentment over the apathetic attitude of the higher officers for taking no departmental action. They said that the fiendish officer had assaulted the lady teacher and also harassed her for not revealing the criminal act to anyone. However, a case was registered against him after a medico-legal report of the victim. They further said that the accused had gone into hiding and no one of the higher officer even bothered to suspend him or initiate any departmental inquiry against him. They demanded immediate arrest of the accused who had tarnished the image of the educationists. They threatened to stage a sit-in at the district complex if he was not arrested.


Sukheke police have arrested a notorious drug peddler and have seized one kg chars from his possession. On a tip-off, the police raided the den of drug peddler Itikhar and arrested him for possession the contraband. A case has been registered against him accordingly.