Karachi is the biggest city and commercial hub of Pakistan. During the Musharraf’s Regime, Karachi was divided into 18 towns but this system has failed to provide equal opportunity to the whole town of Karachi. Moreover, rural areas of Karachi, especially District Malir which is located in the eastern side of Karachi, were neglected. All big industrial units including Port Qasim Authority, Suzuki Motors, Jinnah International Airport are also situated in District Malir.

Malir was famous due to its open atmosphere and lush green farms, but now they are no more part of it. This is due to increased migration towards Karachi and the whole pressure has been shifted to Malir. Agriculture Land, the green belt of Malir are converted into commercial activities, and ecosystem of Malir is worsening. Malir once was famous for its fruit and vegetable farms, now due to severe water scarcity of groundwater, these farmlands are being converted into residential areas.

However, these type of changings are increasing urbanization and environmental degradation in the Malir. Moreover water level of Malir is going down speedily and according to the reports the condition of water of Malir is dangerous for drinking purpose. Furthermore, water pollution, air pollution, and Land degradation are on the rise. It is requested to Sindh Environmental Protection Agency to take necessary steps, save the green belt of Malir, preserve the historical position of Malir and create awareness among the masses regarding environmental changes happening in the Karachi.