This is a natural gas pipeline and this is also called Transe-Afghanistan Pipeline made under the investment of the Asian Development Bank. This natural pipeline begins from the field of the Galkynysh Gas Field in Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, Pakistan and then into India.

The name is given as TAPI under capital latter of all countries which are included in this project. The building of this project was started in 2015 and completed in the middle of 2019. The purpose of the pipeline is to provide natural gas to those countries who are suffering from the depression of Russia. This pipeline has the standard pressure of 1000 kPa and the diameter of 1420 mm.

The limit of the supply of gas is 33 billion m³ from which Afghanistan gets180 billion feet³ and Pakistan and India get 490 billion feet³ of supply each year. The advantages of the project are to improve the economic growth of the country and reduce the poverty from countries by creating jobs. Hence, this project has the power to improve the relationship between the countries.


Allah Bakath.