ATTock          -         Three people including a woman and her young daughter were killed in two different incidents in Hassanabdal police station limits.

In first incident, a speedy dumper recklessly driven by an unknown driver rammed over a woman who was crossing road along with her 11-year-old daughter near Post office on Hazara road. Resultantly, both died on the spot. 

In second incident, body of a 20-year-old man with torture marks was found near Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway near Brahma in same police station limits. Police investigators believed that the man was killed somewhere else and later his body was thrown here to conceal the crime. 

Hassanabdal police registered two separate cases and started further investigation. Meanwhile, Police have arrested 14 anti-social elements from different areas of the district and recovered 5.381 kg chars, 24 bottles liquor, and four pistols from their possession. 

As per details given by PRO Attock police Tahir Iqbal, those arrested include Liaqat Ali r/o Kamra Kalan, M Abrar r/o Pindwal, M Asif r/o Nandrakabad, Muhammad Akram r/o Pindigheb, Ali Aksar, Abdul Sattar, Zubair Ali, Tanveer Ahmad, Sattar Khan and Sajid all r/o Bara, Tayyab Rehman r/o Waisa, M Zahoor, Noaman Ali and Qazafi Butt both r/o Tass Hasanabdal.