ISLAMABAD-The office of Police Attache, on behalf of the French Embassy, has lauded Islamabad police for foiling a robbery attempt with wife of Deputy Police Attache on August 1, 2020 in front of her house in sector F-7/2, a police spokesman informed on Tuesday. 

In a letter, the office of Police Attache presented its compliments to Inspector General of Police Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar Khan and officers of the Kohsar police station, he shared. According to spokesman, Mrs. Isabelle Hilaire, wife of the Deputy Police Attache Jean Christophe Hilaire, was chased by motorcyclists who threatened her with gun in front of her house in sector F-7/2 and tried to snatch mobile and other valuables. Mrs. Hilaire, a police officer, kept her calm, the man at bay and called her husband. Together, they chased the man but lost him on Margallah Road.

Following this incident, Mr. Hilaire called his contact at Police Line, SSP Logistics Police Headquarters Irfran Tariq Khan, who immediately advised SP Omar Khan, head of Kohsar Police Station, to investigate the matter. The SP visited the site, met with the complainant and started investigation.

A special team headed by ASP Aqeela Naqvi including SHO Shabbir Ahmed Tanoli and other officials investigated and succeeded to arrest the perpetrator of this act with the help of safe city cameras and modern technology with police. Police team also recovered the bike and weapons from the accused and further investigation is underway from him.

Police Attache of French Embassy has lauded this performance of Islamabad police officials, he said.