ISLAMABAD - Jamaat e Islami (JI) Chief Senator Siraj ul Haq has said that the incumbent government was making decisions under pressure of external forces. While talking to the reporters outside Parliament House, he said that it was the good luck of the government that the major opposition parties were also backing the government. He elaborated that the major opposition parties were blindly backing the government in many legislations which was unjust to the common people of the country.

He said that the major opposition parties, before the joint session of the Parliament, did not even bother to summon a joint meeting of all the opposition in order to discuss major issues.

Furthermore, he said that the incumbent government and the past governments were taking forward the political thoughts of the former dictator Pervez Musharraf.  

He maintained that there were many people in the national legislative institutions whose only motive was to make their lords happy. While commenting on the two years progress of the Federal government he said that the government had failed to achieve their goals in the first two years of its tenure.