QUETTA          -        Central Deputy Secretary General Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sardar Khadim Hussain Wardag on Tuesday said that the sweeping reforms launched by the Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan for the welfare of the country had put Pakistan on the road to development and prosperity.

Talking to media, Sardar Wardag said that last two years were very tough for the PTI government as the wrong policies pursued by the previous regimes had taken the country on the verge of destruction.

“Under the leadership of Imran Khan, the sweeping reforms launched in the fields of economy, foreign policy, departmental restructuring and infrastructure development has started paying dividends,” he noted. 

Dilating upon the tangible change in Balochistan, he said that during the last two years, dynamics of Balochistan had changed. 

The previous provincial government used to protest about the federal government’s apathy and ignorance towards Balochistan. Currently, one could not find any hue and cry about the cantre’s ignorance as the incumbent government was fulfilling all promises it made with the people of Balochistan. 

The journey to the thriving Pakistan and prosperous Balochistan is in full swing, PTI Deputy Secretary General remarked. Making Pakistan strong and invincible on economical fronts is the first and foremost priority of the Imran Khan’s government, he maintained. 

Expressing his dismay over the unchecked corruption in the previous regimes, Mr Wardag said that national kitty was looted by those at the helm of affairs during last so many decades.

There had been zero tolerance during the last two years for those involved in looting the national wealth as across the board accountability would go on without any delay. 

Commenting on the effective policy adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan, he said that effective policies and wise decisions of Imran Khan regarding the pandemic yielded positive results. 

Millions of people were ousted from their jobs in countries across the world, whereas the incumbent government of Pakistan did not snatch the livelihood from the people instead billion of rupee relief package was announced wherein tens of thousands of families got relief. 

Khadim Hussain recalled that “It is a good news for the people of Pakistan that we have entered in good phase and uplift projects initiated for the welfare of the people of Pakistan has started yielding positive results”.

“Imran Khan-led PTI government, in pursuance of its promises made with the public has taken Pakistan on the path to prosperity and development,” he maintained.