ISLAMABAD           -      A media comprised of a sandwich of materials, tested by Sandia National Laboratories, is being manufactured into N95-like respirators that could be used in local medical facilities. The project originated from the urgent need for personal protective equipment when the COVID-19 outbreak began.“I can almost assure you that no one else in the country is making respirators the way we’re making them,” said Dave Mayberry, technical lead for Marpac, Sierra Peaks and Sew-EZ, the companies that worked with Sandia on materials testing. “We didn’t want to research the same materials already used in the typical N95 supply chain due to availability issues, so we looked into other materials we could get ahold of that seemed most likely to meet the filtration requirements.”Marpac specializes in manufacturing medical tube securement devices and works closely with engineering and manufacturing companies Sierra Peaks and Sew-EZ.