Pakistan is the 6th most populous country in the world. The country has been facing many crises since. Millions of people are still illiterate in the 21st century of scientific discoveries. According to some research studies, 22.8 million students are out of school. These children are likely to engage in crimes and deviances, as they are not aware of the social and legal norms of the society.

While identifying the causes of illiteracy in Pakistan, one would come to know that there are many reasons for it: insufficient budget for the education sector, misappropriation of school funds, inconsistent and outdated syllabi, ill-trained teaching staff and, inadequate school infrastructure.

Teachers are often underpaid, forcing them to take up employment opportunities elsewhere. This affects their teaching performance at schools. The situation of schools in Sindh is worse as compared to other provinces.

Due to malpractices in the education department of Sindh, many schools are used for farming activities by the rural elite. Many students have no option, but to attend schools under the scorching heat without any roof.

Under these depressing circumstances, education will continue to suffer unless all corrective measures are adopted. Teachers should be paid adequately, and their performance should be closely monitored. They should be trained in modern teaching methodologies using technology.