LARKANA - Residents of village Faqir Roshan Brohi, near Mirzapur, Shikarpur district, refused on Tuesday that they would not allow polio workers to administer anti-polio drops to their children. The polio workers complained to Assistant Commissioner (AC), Garhi Yasin, Nizamuddin Jatoi, and Medical Superintendent who reached the village along with a police party and held talks with the protesting villagers. The villagers, Muhammad Bux Brohi, Muhammad Hassan, Bashir Brohi and others complained to the AC that rainwater and sewerage was standing outside their homes due to which different deadly diseases had surfaced in the village and many of them had been infected. They said they had made several complaints to the Union Council Chairman but he had done nothing yet, hence, finding no other way out, they refused anti-polio drops under a protest and sent polio workers back. AC assured the villagers that their genuine basic issues would be resolved soon after which they administered anti-polio drops to the children of the village.