The contention of Indian Air Force (IAF) that the airspace violations taking place near Lahore and along the LoC were 'technical' violations and not deliberate mkes one refer to one's common senses. An aircraft loop crossing the international border can occur at any place. That cannot be the case, though, if it happens at two different places within the span of hours. Furthermore; the loop of a combat aircraft is much smaller and manageable than that of a passenger aircraft; as the former can take a 90-degree turn while the aerodynamics of a passenger plane may not allow it to tilt more than 45 to 50 degrees. This degree of tilt defines loop of the aircraft. In the light of these observations, the clarifications by President of Pakistan and his Information Minister, on behalf of the Indian Air Force, look misplaced both on technical and diplomatic grounds. A measured silence could have served them better. -NAQI AKBAR, Karachi, via e-mail, December 16.