Two of our Chief Justices have been already charged with applying their (lordly) pressure to get their children adjusted in various institutions. Maybe the forces that matter purposely ensure that offsprings of the CJs get poor marks so that they have an opportunity to blackmail their fathers? Just a stray thought. To be honest, the overall texture of the judiciary never altered for its users in the tenure of both of these CJs. Cases have kept piling on to the sky, junior judges posts remained scarce as ever, from peons to bailiffs to typists of the court, all connected with judiciary remained corrupt as ever. People in the courts demanded money within earshot of the judges, be they at the level of district, province or Islamabad. I personally do not consider any of these two feuding CJs as a serious reformist although Iftikhar has shown some inclination to reform after his ouster. Again, the parliamentary request to summon CJ is a bad precedence; parliament can seek his advise on matters but cannot assume for itself a role above that of a CJ just because it considers itself supreme. In the Islamic state, neither CJ nor parliament is supreme. Supreme is the Islamic law as enshrined in the constitution. The Parliament is not an executive body despite its present wishes to be one. -M. SHAIKH, Islamabad, via e-mail, December 8.