Pakistanis traditionally like to compete with India in everything, be it a sport like cricket, or the number of fighter jets and cruise missiles. It turns out Pakistan maintains a remarkably even keel with India in defense but in other fields like science and technology, India has lately surged ahead while we have neglected them. Some time back, India sent its first ever satellite on the moon which demonstrated India's supreme capability in the space-age technology. India's commitment to this field of advanced technology is also manifested by its recent signing of an MOU with USSR for cooperation in space technology and establishment of several new nuclear reactors on its land. India is in particular interested in putting a man on the moon within the next ten years timeframe. India is also now fully self-sufficient in several cheap energy technological resources concerned with energy generation from wind and solar. About time we competed with India on this score. -MUBASHER JAMIL, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, December 12.