With the landmark Judgement of declaring NRO as void abinitio by the full bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan we have entered a new phase of hope and glory on the fateful day of 16th December when the country was rent asunder in two halves. The credit goes to the independent Apex Court that was ushered in on the shoulders of lawyers, political parties and civil society that exerted a persistent pressure on the President to restore the independent Judiciary. Now as a consequence the PPP top leadership had to eat a humble pie to face the unpleasant decision. However, the Presidential spokesman Mr. Farhatullah Babar is even now sheepishly claiming the immunity enjoyed by the President in the Constitution against any trial but this immunity may not extend to Swiss cases beyond the territorial limits of Pakistan. There is another moral angle for the President to consider that it is better to quit gracefully than to cling to the post unceremoniously while being accused of massive corruption. - DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, December 17.