When F.Sc pass medical students appear on television for interviews they always express their wish to become doctors because they want to serve humanity. But that is not the case. The tragic incident involving the criminal conduct of a doctor shows the indifference of the medical community in general. These doctors especially the specialists are callous people. They have no heart for humanity. I remember once I went to an eye specialist regarding my cataract treatment. While I was waiting for my turn in the waiting room of the ophthalmologist I saw an old man. He must be in his late eighties. He was also sitting and waiting for his turn. He was counting his currency notes. These notes were dirty, ugly and torn in the denominations of ten, twenty and fifty. There was only a single note of one hundred. When he had counted and arranged the notes in order I noted that he had full one thousand rupees. That was the consultation fee of the doctor. Tears rushed down my face at the sight. These currency notes and condition of the old man spoke of his deprivation but he was surely belonging to some respectable family. For a while I though couldn't the doctors serve five or ten needy persons every day without charging any fee Or can't they charge half the fee from the needy patients These doctors must be taking bagfuls of money to their home. A few days after this incident that eye-specialist was kidnapped for ransom. After many days he was recovered or set free by the kidnappers. When I read this news in the newspaper I imagined of the poor old man. I wish the doctor had given him treatment without charging the fee, for a change. ZEBUNNISA TAHIR, Lahore, December 18.