RAWALPINDI Following the directions of Ex-Servicemen Society (ESS), its political wing Tameer-e-Pakistan Party (TPP) has summoned APC on 20 January 2010 to evolve a joint strategy to steer Pakistan out from ongoing crises. It was decided in the meeting of Central Working Committee of ESS held under the chair of its President Lt Gen (Retd) Faiz Ali Chishti here on Friday. Many other office-bearers and members of ESS were also present on the occasion. In the meeting, the participants unanimously expressed their opinion that peace could not return in these two countries until NATO forces were present in Afghanistan and members of notorious Blackwater were wandering freely in Pakistan committing crimes and exploding bombs. They said that there was the need of evolving mutual policies to overwhelm the worsening law and order situation of Pakistan and Afghanistan. They said that all those elements involved in anti-state activities and spreading sectarianism in the country should be dealt with iron hand whereas contacts should be made with the elders of troubled areas (Malakand Division and South Waziristan) to put the youth on right track. A resolution was also unanimously passed in the session in which immediate halt of military operation in tribal belt was demanded saying the use of military and power can never normalise the situation in tribal belt. It was also demanded in the resolution that America should pull Nato forces out from Afghanistan and give her masses a chance to make their fate themselves. ESS, in the resolution, also asked the government to run state affairs according to the Constitution of 1973. It was also stressed in the resolution that as per Constitution President of Pakistan should be neutral. ESS asked all political parties to sit together on January 20, 2010 and hammer out a consensus to pull the country out from crises.