ISLAMABAD Civil society activists on Friday staged a protest in front of the Saudi Pak Tower building against militancy, terrorism and deteriorating peace situation in the country. The activists belonging to various segments of society gathered for creating awareness and building peace in the country. They chanted slogans and called for peace in society. Participants on the occasion included human rights activists, journalists, students, youth and local residents. They raised slogans in support of democracy, human rights and peace and strongly condemned prevailing law and order situation. The protestors also demanded swift action against those responsible for terrorism that had killed thousands of innocent people. Participants on the occasion opined that it is time to join hands to save our institutions, where our youth is molded for the future. They said, Come together to save your future and your countrys future; this is our home and our identity, they added. They also raised placards and banners inscribed with the slogans of United for Pakistan, Terrorism and Restoration Of Peace, United Against Terrorists, Masomon Ki Jan Lena Jurm Hai, Protect Our Children, Whenever We kill Our Soul, It Is As If We Slain Mankind and Dashatgardi Khatam Karo. While taking to TheNation, Fazila Gulrez of Society for the Protection of the Rights of Child (SPARC), Islamabad based non-profit organisation said that it is a protect for peace and prosperity of the country that we would hold every Friday in front of the Saudi Pak Tower building. In the very first day, she further continued that we got good response from the people; even students of madrassa gave us a superior feedback and joined us, and I think it was such a big achievement for us. The traffic police was also very helpful, she added. She said that this protest was for the safer future of the country, where people did not have any fear and they can openly go at the places of worship. She said that its a starting point for the good of our country and I hope that more and more people will join us for the safe future of our next generation.