LAHORE (APP) - Ban on export of cotton yarn will not be acceptable as the yarn is surplus in the country and certain mafia is creating propaganda of its shortage just to purchase the yarn at prices of its own choice. Chairman All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Punjab Gohar Ejaz said addressing a press conference at APTMA house here on Friday. Other office-bearers, specially the representatives of spinners, were also present. There is a fear of closure of 50pc spinning mills immediate after imposition of the ban on the export and rest of them will have to face the same fate within few days after it, the chairman said, adding, thousands of workers would loss their jobs and the economy would have to face serious repercussions. He made it clear that the spinners are not finding the customers due to excessive production but some people are making hue and cry on the name of shortage just to black-mail the government and reduce price after getting a ban imposed on it. We will left with no option but to strike against this injustice, close down our mills and sell the raw cotton instead of making yarn out of it, he said. He said that the spinners have purchased raw-cotton from the growers at the international rates and they have right to sell it at the international rates. To a question, he said that price of Yarn in Pakistan is 20pc less than India and other countries. The people who are trying do the foul play with spinners industry should purchase yarn from international market if they are not satisfied with local ones, he added. He said that the textile sector is the only silver lining for Pakistans economy in the current recession faced by the world. The chairman said that business decisions should not be made on the roads and had such practices continued by what he termed as 'certain mafias the spinners would left with no choice to respond with the same coins. To another, he said that we expect from the government that it would take all the stakeholder in to confidence before taking the decision in this regard.