LAHORE - Low pressure of gas owing to acute shortage is multiplying the miseries of the domestic consumers and motorists as well. The low pressure of gas at CNG stations has aggravated the situation in the City, causing nuisance for the commuters and domestic consumers, according to a survey conducted by The Nation on Friday. It was witnessed that supply of gas in various residential localities remained suspended, while gas supply with low pressure was also complained in some areas of the City including the residential and commercial, besides the CNG filling stations. In this regard, the domestic consumers complained the authorities of the Sui Northern Gas that in most of the areas of the City including Cantt, Walton Road, Iqbal Town, Johar Town, Township, Thokar Niaz Baig, Gulshan Ravi, Mozang, Qila Gujjar Singh and other areas, gas supply remained suspended for couple of hours while the gas pressure all the day kept low. They further complained that suspension and low pressure of gas had worried the consumers because most of them could not prepare the food. Only a few persons of my family could hardly take breakfast or lunch while others could not eat food in time due to irregular supply of gas to the domestic consumers, said Ahsaan Khan, resident of Qila Gujar Singh. The situation irritated me when my wife was preparing food and she suddenly shouted that gas supply was suspended, said Muhammad Ali, a resident of Mozang. Moreover, the commercial consumers including the managements of hotels, food outlets, tea stalls and tandoor owners also complained the authorities that suspension as well as low pressure of gas in a number of commercial and residential areas of the City had marred their business badly due to which their costumers could not take food. A tandoor owner Haji Latif said that he was disappointed with such a situation. He said that low pressure and routine suspension of gas had disabled his business. A hotel owner Subhan of Regal Chowk said that due to continued suspension of gas he had failed to satisfy his customers and had to apologise due to unavailability of food in time. On the other hand, the consumers of CNG also have to face disappointing situation as usual like previous days due to the unavailability of CNG at many filling stations in various areas of the City. Long queues of vehicles were witnessed at many CNG stations, which refused the filling due to insufficient gas pressure. It is better to close CNG stations than disappointing the consumers due to low pressure of CNG even in the other days of the scheduled closure of CNG stations twice a week, said office-bearer of CNG Association Pakistan, Capt Shuja. He said that the Association demanded of the government during a meeting with the authority concerned to maintain gas pressure in other five days of the week. He said that the Association could close the CNG stations for two days willingly if the government agree to provide sufficient supply of gas pressure. Meanwhile, a dozens of citizens staged protest in various areas of the city including Gulberg and Cantt against the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) for suspending domestic gas supply and low pressure of gas in numerous residential areas. The demonstrators were raising slogans against the government and the SNGPL.