ISLAMABAD Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan on Friday condemned the US and Pakistani governments for the growing drone attacks, saying ultimately the people of Pakistan would have to bear the brunt of revenge on account of these attacks. He stated, further, that rulers should stop befooling the masses and tell them the truth. He said drone attacks in FATA were totally against the sovereignty of the country and quoted a UN representative in New York, as saying that collateral damage caused by these attacks was extra-judicial killing. Khan also demanded judicial probe into the killings of innocent citizens in the ongoing drone attacks and to find the facts through a commission headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan. He expressed his surprise that these attacks continued despite opposition by joint session of the Parliament. The PTI Chief said that Admiral Mike Mullen had told Chairman, US Senate Armed Services Committee Carl Levin, that these drone attacks were being carried out with the consent of Pakistani government and that US had doubled the attacks during the past one year. He regretted that innocent citizens, mosques, marriage ceremonies, and funerals in Fata were being attacked by drones resulting in the killing of hundreds of innocent women and children.