SWABI - The members of Dagai Jirga have warned the local administration and the contractor that if they failed to close down the Karkawand fair they would be compelled to close down it by force. The jirga members held their protesting meeting on Friday and it was presided over by Abdul Mutalib alias Khan Kaka while discussing the single point agenda: the issue of Karkawand fair and the responsibility of the jirga. The jirga was addressed by the white-beard members like Khan Kaka, Manawar Khan, Malik Shah Jehan, Doctor Ashraf, Mairan Khan,Ameenullah Yousufzai and Muhammad Ashraf. Insiders said that it seems that the jirga members and fair contractor are heading for a showdown. The fair has been held on each Saturday and the jirga members said that they would not allow it this time at any cost. However, when asked the fair organisers were determined to hold the fair at any cost and they did not care of any one. and if the district administration orders to shut down it only then it possible and the jirga members should avoid from dictation to them. But the administration has not yet taken any decision and a step at the eleventh hour could be ruled out, said the sources. The members of the jirga unanimously said that the said fair had been operating for the last few years illegally and some anti-law activities had noted by them. They said that the activities influenced the mind and approach of the youngsters and they inclined towards various these activities. They said that the fair is illegal and the government has not been receiving a penny from the fair and the best option for the government was that to close down it immediately, while meeting their demand. We have banned the activities in our society which derail the youngster minds and if with the operation of the fair some social evils are spreading in our society we would never allow that at any price, he said. He said that if any untoward incident occurred the local administration would be responsible for that and it was the responsibility of the administration to kill such acts but when the jirga members are pinpointing to them then they have more obligations. I hope that the administration would take action and the fair would be no longer operative in our region, he concluded.