ISLAMABAD National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights, Friday, expressed its concerns over the activities of foreign agencies and abduction of innocent citizens in the country. The NA standing committee met with Riaz Fatiyana in chair also expressed concerns over the extra-judicial killing of innocent citizens in the name of war on terrorism. During the meeting, sub-committee of the NA body on Human Rights that was probing the presence of Black Water in the country submitted its report to the chair. MNA Javed Hashmi told the committee that a group 'Special Americans was operating in the country and they had already tried to buy a hotel in Peshawar. The committee on Human Rights further decided to propose to Prime Minister to take steps to stop the activities of the foreign agencies in the country. The committee also directed the sub-committee to present a detailed report regarding the presence of foreign agencies and their operations in the country. The sub-committee was asked to present its report to the committee within three months. The committee has also requested the civil society to provide the list of missing persons especially those from Balochistan. The committee also recommended probe into the controversial activities of foreign agencies and their travel documents. The NA body also condemned the recent murder of a household servant in Sargodha and torture of a Sikh lawyer in Pindi Gheb. The committee also emphasised the civil societies and Human Rights organisations to cooperate and coordinate with standing committee on Human Rights and Ministry of Human Rights.