LAHORE-State Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Sumsam Bukhari on Friday said that Government would soon make public names of those who got their loans written off. Answering questions at Meet the Press programme of Lahore Press Club on Friday, the minister said that those who did not return their outstanding loans must deposit the money in national exchequer. He said their names would soon be made public. To a question about implications of court decision on NRO, Sumsam Bukhari said courts should also take up pending cases of corruption against other people besides the NRO cases to dispel the impression that only NRO beneficiaries were being targeted. Replying to a question about possible impact of NRO decision on PPP- PML-N relationship, Mr Bukhari believed that situation arising out of the court verdict would not affect the process of reconciliation between the two parties. He was of the view that ups and downs in the relationships was a routine matter, but they should not come in the way of better understanding between the two parties. Replying to a question, he, however, said that issues relating to future relationship with the PML-N would surely come under discussion in Saturdays (today) meeting of PPPs central executive committee. He said it was need of the hour that all political forces should work together to bring the country out of current chaos. The PPP, he said, was following the policy of reconciliation with all political parties since the inception of present Government. He lauded PM Gilanis role in this regard, saying that being a unanimously elected PM, he was taking all political forces on board on important issues. He termed national consensus over NFC award a great leap towards provincial autonomy and strengthening of federation. He said federal government made the consensus possible by surrendering some of its resources to the provinces. Bukhari said that credit for agreement over NFC award should be given to the PPP, which, he added, was the only party that talked of federation. Reacting to several queries about resignations of holders of public offices in the wake of apex courts verdict on NRO, the minister said that Government respected the decision and would implement it in letter and spirit. Talking about drone attacks, he said that Governments policy in this regard was clear. We condemn these intrusions and consider it against countrys sovereignty, he stated, adding, We want that drones or their technology should be given to Pakistan Army so that it could use it to safeguard its borders and enhance vigilance When asked to comment on Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseers statement terming NRO a medal, Sumsam said he did not think so. Answering a question about sugar, flour and power crisis, he said that responsibility for certain issues, which fall in the domain of provincial government, is cleverly shifted on the federal government. About loadshedding, he said not a single mega watt of electricity was added to the system in the past 13 years. He said government would overcome the problem, but it would take some time to generate electricity.