ISLAMABAD (APP) - Auditor General of Pakistan has been re-elected as external Auditor of United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) during the 13th session of UNIDO General Conference held at Vienna this week. According to reports from Vienna, Pakistan presented its candidature for re-election earlier this year in February. Two other countries, Morocco and Spain, also put forward their candidature for the same post and the only other candidate from developing country, Morocco withdrew its candidature paving way for endorsement of Pakistans candidature by the Group of 77 & China, African Group, Asian Group and Group of Latin American and Caribbean states. Later Spain also withdrew leaving Pakistan as the only candidate in the field. According to UNIDO financial regulations, the external Auditor shall be completely independent and solely responsible for the conduct of the audit. He makes observations with respect to the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the financial procedures, the accounting system, the internal financial controls and, in general, the administration and management with a view to transforming UNIDO into a better performing Organisation. Pakistan has also been elected to the UNIDO Programme & Budget Committee (PBC) for the year 2010-2011 while Pakistan is already a member of UNIDOs Industrial Development Board.