ISLAMABAD (APP) Two judges of United States District Courts Friday stated that lower judiciary in Pakistan was doing much in the available infrastructure. The judges, Janet Bond Arterton and Morrison C England Jr, were of the view that was a lot of space to improve the performance and clear cases backlog. The US judges have visited Pakistan as part of USAID/Pakistan Judicial Exchange Program. During their three-day interaction they met 26 District and Session Judges of the country. The level of knowledge, intellect and work ethics we found during interaction with them, was absolutely appealing. They are absolutely on top and do extremely hard to clear the backlog, Judge Morrison said in response to a question during a meeting with the media. Though he fell short of commenting on alleged corruption, yet he acknowledged their performance as appealing in the existing infrastructure and facilities. Pakistani and the US judges discussed the judicial systems during this program for three and half days and benefitted from each others experience to dispense speedy justice to grassroots. It was our first judicial exchange and I hope to build up this relation with more exchanges. It would be fruitful, Judge Morrison said. When asked about room for improvement, Judge Janet Bond Arterton said efficiency can be improved with more facilities to lower judiciary in Pakistan. We are fully confident of the ability of judges in Pakistan. There is also no doubt that they can perform better if provided more facilities. She said by promoting good practices and discouraging bad practices speedy justice could be ensured at grassroots. Implementation of judicial reforms in Pakistan came under discussion. We also discussed how the system could be improved and found our Pakistani colleagues committed and dedicated to meeting the requirements of people, the judge said. However she refused to comment on NRO verdict saying: What all I know about it, is from what you media people report. Replying to a question about backlog, she said as number of departments are partners to the judicial system including the police, the administration, the prosecutors and the lawyers, the judiciary alone cannot be held responsible for delay in disposal of cases. She however urged good relations between the bar and the bench and said lawyers should avoid practices that may delay decisions. When asked about any role model judicial system in the world, she stated there was none. Every judicial system has to be run keeping in view the requirements and the traditions of respective state. To another question, Judge Morrison said, we were not here to teach anyone but to discuss goals and plans for improvement of the system and ending backlog. We believe that transparent judiciary promotes a sense of security among masses and the rule of law, Judge Morrison said. The visiting judges said they had also learnt from their Pakistani colleagues and would be trying to benefit from these practices on return to their country.