LAHORE The new political landscape emerging after Apex Courts verdict on the NRO would be dominated by confrontation between the PPP and PML-N, the two major parties which so far have exhibited a cautious approach in handling the contentious issues just for the sake of saving the system. Political observers believe that both parties seem to have reached a point where they may decide to throw caution to the wind, and come out in the open to settle old scores. On the NRO issue, the PPP leadership feels betrayed by the PML-N, which had earlier agreed in Charter of Democracy (CoD) to settle all politically-motivated cases against each other through a Truth and Reconciliation Commission rather than involving courts that failed to decide these cases despite the lapse of a decade. The PML-Ns hard stance after the verdict demanding resignation of President Asif Ali Zardari has irked many close aides of the President, who are advising him against any reconciliation with that party. They PPP has taken Khawaja Asifs statement as party policy as no top PML-N leader has disowned this in which he has demanded Presidents resignation after the court verdict. The PML-N, on the other hand, is also suspicious of PPPs moves with regard to repeal of 17th Amendment, and is convinced that the Presidency was behind what it calls delaying tactics to prolong the issue. The fact that the PPP believes in politics of give and take even on constitutional matters and is seeking something vital in exchange for doing away with the embargo on PMs third term, an Achilles heel for the PML-N, is worrisome for its top leaders who consider it simply a blackmailing tactic on the part of the PPP. Apart from these issues, the new scenario that has emerged following the annulment of the NRO also has refreshed bitter memories of the PPP being forced at that time by the PML-N to give in on the issues of deposed judges restoration, Governors rule in Punjab, Kerry-Lugar Bill, and of late, the NRO controversy. In this context, PPPs Central Executive Committee (CEC) is meeting today (Saturday) to discuss its future relationship with the PML-N. President Zardari is reportedly under tremendous pressure from his close aides to pay the PML-N in the same coin by digging out old cases against the Nawaz group dating back to late eighties. They are advising the President to allow them expose the so-called SRO machinations of Nawaz Sharif through which he allegedly evaded import duty on certain items during his rule. They have also in their mind the allegations of horse-trading against the PML-N at the time of no-confidence move against late Benazir Bhutto during her first term of office. Some elements within the PPP, are, however, against all such moves and want reconciliation with the PML-N so as to keep the system intact. Under the circumstances, the PPP really seems to be in a fix what to do to come out of the present mess it is in due to what the analyst say its wrong decisions at the wrong time and lack of maturity in the leadership.