ISLAMABAD - Mobile phone operators in Pakistan are to face the music for allegedly failing to maintain the quality of service as the licence conditions as the Pakistan Telecom Authority has issued show-cause notices to cell phone companies. PTA officials told TheNation that the companies failing to provide a justifiable reason for the quality lapse could be fined. The PTA has issued the show-cause notices to the mobile phone operators on the basis of a recently concluded Quality of Service (QoS) Survey. The results were shared with the mobile phone companies along with instructions to improve their service quality. PTA gave them a reasonable time to improve network performance, however, it was found that all mobile operators failed to achieve the desired results. Finally the PTA had to move and it issued show cause notices to all mobile companies for failing to maintain the quality as per the license conditions. This survey included quality of voice and SMS in 14 cities of Pakistan, AJ&K and Northern Areas including all major highways. PTAs enforcement teams carried this exercise with the latest automated QoS equipment. PTA has been conducting this survey throughout the last year and shared results of first three quarters with the operators with directions to improve their services. The final comprehensive survey was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2009. Ensuring provision of quality of services to the telecom consumers has always been a priority of PTA, officials quoted the PTA chairman as saying. The objective of conducting QoS survey is to ensure that the telecom customers are being provided with top quality services, he added. The PTA every year defines its targets and goals where QoS survey of all services remains one of the major activities.