For young children parents are role models. They observe their behaviour and imitate them. Later on teachers and other family members or friends who are considered as good achievers and have influence become the role models. As they grow older they want to idealize people who work hard, those who are successful in their fields, think above themselves and bring a good name to their country and nation. But today the attitude by our 'leaders' who are always seen on TV channels is sometimes embarrassing and on some occasions out of text. The way they talk, place blame, and show no respect to others, lack the skills of communication, lack the leadership qualities, and lose credibility by changing their own statements. This trend is trickling down from the top to the bottom. The new generation is getting confused. Wherever, they go and watch people there are double standards. Their minds are not accepting this scenario. It is time that all of us think of our younger generation and leaders of tomorrow, tell them that we are concerned about them and want them to be good human beings and patriot Pakistanis. We want them to be excel in their studies, to achieve successes and work hard for the good name and prosperity of their country. We want them to be confident to take initiatives and serve their nation. We want them to set an example and be good role models themselves. We have a chance today to overcome corruption of our minds, set our standards and become good role models for the ones who have to steer the boat in future. ANWAR PARVEEN, Rawalpindi, December 16.