I have gone through a few news items in the US print media that Americans are being harassed by Pakistani officials including intelligence operatives. It is amazing why the American media is converting normal and routine checking of all the foreign officials including the Americans into their harassment. Foreigners should obey the rules of the land if they visit or being deputed somewhere. On the other hand Americans even check undergarments of the visitors and that too at the entry points i.e air ports etc. America and its media should realize the situation Pakistan is going through these days. Hundreds of its citizens have been killed in suicidal attacks and that too because of Bush's resolve to conquer Iraq and Afghanistan .On the other hand they also want to keep Pakistan and Iran under pressure. Keeping in view the security situation of the country if government of Pakistan has taken some measures to save its masses from suicide attacks and subversive activities sponsored by enemy countries, foreigners (again including Americans) are supposed to obey the same. SHAHBAZ KHAN, Peshawar, December 18.