It is an open secret that notorious and callous killers of Blackwater are all out in Pakistan to destabilize it. They have been loading bombs and ammunition in Drones and predators to be used against people in the tribal areas of Pakistan. They have now changed their name to Xe Services but who can deny the fact that poison cannot be considered and treated as panacea if it is termed so. It is really regrettable that our Interior Minister Mr Rehman Malik is advocate of American killers. He denies their presence in Pakistan while the whole media has exposed them with sufficient facts and figures. If the terrorist organization has changed its name, it makes no difference. The core of the matter is its objectives. The founder of Black Water Mr Erik Prince is a self-proclaimed crusader who has made it his mission of life to fight Islam and the Muslims. America, Israel and Indian alliance is a triangle of evil which is after our security & nukes. We should be aware of the fact that mysterious activists with heinous activities are encircling Kahuta and our nuclear installations. Beware Pakistanis; we are in a dangerous situation. We have to be vigilant and stand up to the need of hour like one and united people leaving aside all other denominations and identities except for Pakistanis. H. M. IDREES, Lahore, December 17.