The other day I had a pleasant experience at Postal Life Insurance (PLI) Islamabad that I would love to share with the readers through your esteemed newspaper. I am an expatriate living in Canada and currently on my routine visit to Pakistan I went to the PLI office at Melody, Islamabad for wrapping up the affairs related to two of my lapsed policies when I ended up at the desk of an office superintendent Mr. Muzammil Hussain. He took the details and not only prepared the whole case promptly but also gave me reference of Mr Tanveer Hussain Malik, Superintendent PLI Peshawar office for further pursuance. I called Mr Malik who was equally quick and responsive to complete the procedure. I was amazed to see the whole thing done without any hassle. As a token of appreciation I went back to Islamabad office and offered Mr Muzammil a cup of tea. Imagine what the Office Superintendent at PLI Islamabad would say. He not only politely refused my offer but instead served tea for me. Living abroad we always come across with stories of corruption and inefficiency that make us feel bad about our country. But this recent experience has once again revived my faith in the mighty and selfless people of my country. If we have people like Mr Muzammil and Mr Tanveer we have nothing to be pessimistic. Col (R) Aizazul Waheed, Islamabad,?December 18.