As reported in The Nation on December 17, while addressing a news conference at the residence of Raja Riaz, Senator Babar Awan accused, directly or indirectly, Mian Mohammed Nawaz Sharif, the army and judiciary of conspiring against Peoples Partys democratic government, while also claiming that any change will come about only through ballot and not by bullet. Now, if he is so sure of Peoples Partys strength and that change can come only through ballot, why is he so agitated? He also accused MNS of conspiring against two elected governments of Benazir Bhutto in 1990s but even BBs attitude towards MNS had not been exactly the last word in courtesy and goods manners. Apart from personal attacks, her government kept vessel MV Jonathan that brought iron scrap for MNSs business, at sea for one year by refusing it berthing facilities. As for Babar Awans suggestion that Fall of Dhaka should be celebrated as a day of resistance against dictatorship, I would say that only he could suggest celebrating such a tragic and shameful incident in our history. In any case, the dictatorship, the civilian governments and the mindset of the people in West Pakistan, who treated more populous East Pakistan as well as smaller provinces in West Pakistan as their colonies, were jointly responsible for the tragedy and unwillingness to accept Sheikh Mujibur-ur-Rehmans mandate proved to be the final act. MNS deserves credit for rehabilitating at least some of the stranded Pakistanis in Punjab, a process he unfortunately discontinued later, whereas other governments just abandoned Pakistani civilians to languish in Bangladesh refugee camps in sub-human conditions. Unfortunately Balochistan province, with the largest land area and strategic importance, and richest in mineral resources explored and unexplored, is being treated much the same way in the present-day Pakistan. We seem to have learnt nothing from history. S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, December 17.