WAZIRABAD - Twenty five shops besides three rickshaws were gutted in seven fire incidents that took place in Landa Bazaar, Dara Sulleh Shah, Model Town, Moti Bazaar, Gali Shishian Wali and Committee Wali causing the owners a collective loss of about Rs2 million here.

Some unidentified miscreants set these shops on fire in Landa Bazaar near the overhead bridge. One rickshaw was burnt in Dara Sulleh Shah and a car was partially damaged. Similarly, two rickshaws parked in Shishianwali were also set on fire. A shop of Salamat Ali in Moti Bazaar was gutted. Similarly, the upper portion of a house near Islamabad Mor was damaged in a fire incident though the firefighters extinguished the fire after strenuous efforts.

On the other side, some anti-social elements broke the windscreen of a car parked outside a shop. The fire incidents have caused a panic in the city.

Thus, PML-N Women Wing leaders including MNA Shaheen Ashfaq, district SVP Nasreen Ashfaq, Secretary General Ghazala Begum and Nabila Kausar sympathised with the victims. Shaheen told the media that the fire incidents seemed acts of terrorism.