KARACHI - Twenty-seven officers of the Sindh police got the cadre of Police Services of Pakistan.The summary for the approval of some 60 Superintendents of Police (SPs) from entire Sindh, was sent by provincial departmental promotion committee (DPC) to the federal government for approval, upon which, the federal government’s included 27 SPs in PSP cadre. The Police Services of Pakistan cadre have the officers with at least 10 years of police service on regular basis. Seniority, personal character should also be considered while their names are considers following their annual confidential report.The SPs who included in Police Services of Pakistan cadre are Ali Raza, Hussain Ahmed, Zulfiqar Zardari, Nazeer Ahmed, Irfan Bhutto, Ghulam Sarwar Abro, Shaukat Khatyan, Abdul Qayyum Patafi, Mohammad Ali Wasan, Abbas Rizvi, Ali Sher Jakhrani, Latif Siddiqui, Naseem Panhwar, Shad Ibne Masih, Ejaz Hashmi, Qamar Jiskani, Saqib Memon, Sadat Ali, Jan Mohammad and Shahjahan Khan. It is worth mentioning here confrontation between the rankers and PSP officers have also been continued since long on various issues.