OKARA - People’s Youth Organization (PYO) District Secretary Information Aamir Hayat Wattoo said that the PML-N will come to know its actual worth in the upcoming general elections.

Addressing a press conference here the other day, he said that the PML-N victory in by-elections can not guaranty its victory in general elections as the support of patwaries, police and Kalashnikovs will not be at its disposal in the general elections. He said that Sharif brothers’ so-called slogans about principles of transparency and justice had been exposed in the by-elections.

He said that the upcoming elections will be contested under the strategy of Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo and all the PML-N’s castles built in the air will be toppled down. Aamir Wattoo said that the law and order situation in Punjab had deteriorated as dacoity, robbery and bloodshed had become routine but the PML-N- led Punjab government was busy in political point scoring.