ISLAMABAD - An Indian delegation is arriving in Islamabad today (Wednesday) to discuss the terms of reference (TORs) with the authorities here for the next visit of Pakistan's judicial commission to India in connection with Mumbai attacks.

A senior officer of the Ministry of Interior Tuesday informed that commission during his stay in Pakistan would meet with the Attorney General of Pakistan Irfan Qadir, other senior law officers and prosecutors of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) dealing with Mumbai attacks case.

India had recently agreed, during Interior Minister Rehman's visit to India, to facilitate Pakistani judicial commission 's visit to India for cross-examination of the witnesses of the case. A judicial commission from Pakistan had already visited India but Indian authorities had only permitted cross-examination to a limited number of witnesses at that time. The trial court in Pakistan had rejected the proceedings of the commission and directed to dispatch a second judicial commission to India to cross-examine all the witnesses of the case.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Interior issued, the other day, says that Pakistan has received a request from India for the visit of Indian delegation on 19th December to discuss the terms of reference for the 2nd judicial commission which is expected to visit India in near future. Pakistani government has conveyed the consent.

The statement further says that the delegation would meet with the Pakistani authorities to work out the terms of reference in the light of the orders of trial court.