ISLAMABAD  - In the elections of National Press Club, 2013, contested by Journalist Panel and Jago Panel, the former has secured a win for a seventh consecutive time by making a clean sweep.

The elections were held in the headship of Chairman Election Commission Nasir Zahidi. Out of 2220 Council Members, around 1600 exercised the right of vote.

Sources said Farooq Faisal Khan, Sheheryar Khan and Afzal Javed have been elected President, Secretary and Finance Secretary of the National Press Club respectively. Journalist Panel won all the 24 seats of the Press Club.

Farooq Khan Faisal Khan got 1089 votes and was elected as the President competing against Mateeullah Jan who got only 486 votes. On the three seats of Vice Presidents, Asim Ali Rana, Abdur Razzaq Seyal and Aijaz Ahmed Shah got victory with 1110, 1032, and 729 votes respectively.

For the seat of Secretary, Sheheryar Khan came out successful with a number of 1096 votes, while for three posts of Joint Secretary, Attaullah Rajar, Nasir Mehmood and Sagheer Ahmed got elected.

In addition, Afzal Javed of the Journalist Panel won the seat of Finance Secretary by getting 1128 votes. On the other hand, his opponent, Asadullah Malik could secure only 403 votes.

The candidates from the Journalist Panel, including Asghar Chaudhary, Abdur Rasheed Khan, Ahmed Rizwan Khan, Khwaja Nayyar Iqbal, Asim Yaseen, Mubarak Zaib Khan, Azhar Aabdi, Javed Idrees Qureshi, Bashir Usmani, Shahid Mehmood Malik, Yasir Malik, Shameem Anwar Khan, Shahid Sultan, Syed Abrar Kanwal, and Shahnaz Tatari won all the 15 seats of the Governing Body.

On the occasion, the newly elected President Farooq Faisal Khan and the new Secretary of the National Press Club remarked that they would continue their efforts for the welfare of the journalist fraternity. Meanwhile, President Jago Panel, Mateeullah Jan assured the new leadership of Press Club of their full support.

INP adds: Dr Fehmida Mirza, Speaker and Faisal Karim Kundi, Deputy Speaker National Assembly have congratulated the newly elected office-bearers of National Press Club (NPC).

In their separate messages to the newly elected President of NPC Mr. Farooq Faisal Khan, Vice Presidents Mr. Abdul Razzak Sial, Mr. Asim Ali Rana and Syed Ijaz Shah, Secretary General, Mr. Sheryar Khan, Finance Secretary Mr. Afzal Javed and other office bearers, the Speaker and Deputy Speaker extended their warmest felicitation on their success.

They said that their election was an evidence of trust and confidence of Journalist fraternity reposed in them. They hoped that they will work for welfare of Journalist Community and freedom of press.

The Speaker and Deputy Speaker said that freedom of expression was essential for strengthening democracy in the country. They expressed the hope that under the new leadership the problems of Journalist’s community would be resolved. They prayed for their success during their tenure.