ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Member of National Assembly, Seema Jilani, has claimed that PML-N will sweep the upcoming general elections as people of Pakistan are sick of the blatant corruption and mal-governance on part of the PPP-led coalition government.

Talking to TheNation here at Parliament House on Tuesday, Jilani said that they would go to masses with their performance in Punjab as well as the constructive and vibrant role Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) had played in the Parliament as main opposition.

She said that once again Mian Shahbaz Sharif had proved his mettle as administrator par excellence and that was the reason the development projects being carried out in Punjab have no match to rest of the three provinces, the fact widely acknowledged by local and international monitoring agencies.

To a question she dispelled the impression that PML-N had played the role of friendly opposition at federal level and kept PPP part of their government in Punjab up till recently under some agreed game plan.

Seema Jilani said that the powerful role of Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan was known to all and sundry who had never spared the ruling coalition and not only highlighted wrongdoings on their part but also caution them whenever he saw the ruling coalition went astray from the defined Parliamentary parameters.

She further said that the performance of Ch Nisar as Chairman Public Accounts Committee could be listed as one of the major achievements of the incumbent Parliament over the past five years. He had worked day-in and day-out to clear the backlog pending since past several years as saved the government loss of Rs 130 billion. But when it come to the audit of incumbent government’s accounts the ruling coalition had started creating hurdles in the way of Chairman Public Accounts Committee Ch Nisar, who had left with no choice but to step down from the post, she added. She further said that Ch. Nisar Ali Khan had always raised the voice for the supremacy of the Parliament and the record of National Assembly proceedings was witness to it that right form the issue of restoration of the judges in superior judiciary Ch. Nisar Ali Khan had always advised the Prime Minister to exercise the authority of the Parliament and not let it be just a rubber stamp but unfortunately whenever the position of the Parliament was undermined it was due to the ruling coalition leadership.

Highlighting the role of PML-N over the past five years where on one hand they had done unprecedented development work in Punjab where they are in power while at centre where they were in the role of main opposition party they had performed equally remarkable be it the amendments to the constitution or their role in the passage of 7th National Finance Commission Award or other matters of collective good of the people of Pakistan.

She sounds optimistic about the party’s performance in the upcoming general elections saying that in the people of Pakistan are wise enough to judge that who had served them and who had added to their existing problems, especially in the presence of vibrant print and electronic media it would not possible for any political party to hoodwink the general masses and conceal facts.