The Supreme Court rebuffed Ogra’s suggestion on Monday to raise the CNG price adjourning the case till December 20. The court rightly made it clear during the proceedings that it would always step in to guard the people from being fleeced. By any criteria, the way the government and Ogra had been setting the gas prices turning it almost into a monthly ruse of robbing the people was definitely absurd. Under no rule, would anyone have endorsed the methodology with which the CNG sector had been allowed to operate; it was apparently free to set its own rules, and invariably whatever summary it would send to the Prime Minister, it was sure to get an approval. Hence gas prices were raised so high that in the process they had become unbearable for the economy. And most importantly, as it previously transpired during a court hearing, mostly these increases were artificially manoeuvred to make a quick buck. The Supreme Court, was therefore, justified in calling for an end to this practice.

Although the court has now sought the reply of the Economic Coordination Committee, it is a matter of relief that it is staying committed not to let the Ogra call the shots. Now, since the mafia is clamouring to take things back to how they used to be, they have to be rebuffed because at the end of the day, it is about saving the economy.