OKARA - The incidents of dacoity, robbery and snatching have increased manifold over the last few weeks in the district, especially in the city, due to which people feel insecure. In a fresh bout the dacoits looted valuables including gold ornaments, cash, cellphones and over valuables worth hundreds of thousands of rupees in eight strikes in different part of the district.

As per detail, the first incident took place near 22/1-RB when Sajid, a resident of Merik along with his mother was going to Renala Khurd to take medicines. Meanwhile, three unidentified accused intercepted them and snatched cash and motorcycle from him.

Similarly, 13 dacoits took away four buffalos worth hundreds of thousands of rupees from the corral of one Bakhsha in Mauza Jhatyana.

Meanwhile, four thieves took away 25 maunds of maize crop of Abdul Majeed, a resident of Chak Hashimwala.

In another incident of theft that took place at a store located at Vegetable Market on Renala Khurd Road when five dacoits took away articles worth Rs200,000.

Similarly, four unidentified people entered the house Mohammad Arshad, a resident of 2/1-L. They took the inmates hostage and looted gold ornaments, cash and cellphones from them.

Meanwhile, four robbers barged into the house of Mohammad Yasin on Rutta Khuanna Road in Depalpur. They held the family hostage and looted gold ornaments and cash. In another incident outlaws looted gold ornaments and cash worth thousands of rupees a house of Munir Ahmad.

In Qila Yousef Bhatti, 13 bandits entered a house and looted gold ornaments, licensed weapons and cash.

As per detail, Usman Ghani along with his family was asleep in the house when suddenly 13 dacoits entered the house. They took the family hostage and locked them in a room.

They took away 12 tolas of gold, 20 tolas of silver, Rs195,000 and a 12 bore rifle. The police have registered cases.

Meanwhile, people of the district have demanded the DPO to take notice of the worst law and order and direct effect steps to control the rising crime. They regretted that the police had failed to protect the honour and property of the citizens.