LAHORE (CITY DESK) – A seminar on  ‘Mass Media-Theory and Practice’ was organised by the Mass Communication Department, Govt. College Township.

 The sitting was presided by Prof Dr Muhammad Ijaz Butt, Principal of the College where Shaista Pervaiz Malik, Adviser to CM was chief guest while Prof Dr Mugheesuddin Sheikh Former Director Mass Communication Department, Punjab University, Dr Ahsan Akhtar Naz, Director Mass Communication Department Punjab University, Absar Abdul Ali, Director, Hameed Nizami Press Institute and Raza Kazmi, Controller Radio Programme also shared their thoughts. Shaista Pervaiz Malik paid rich tribute to the learned speakers for their thought provoking and entertaining views expressed during the proceedings of the seminar. She called media a powerful tool in framing the opinion of the people.

 She was of the view that media was promoting negative attitudes that was of great concern.

 “Media spreads news without authenticity and confirmation that cause concern and restlessness many a times”, she said. She asked the students that it was a general tendency to wait for the change. “We should change the attitude lets start from changing ourselves and society will change automatically”, she said.

Prof Dr Mugheesud Din Sheikh said that theory was not irrelevant in any discipline of the subject, it provide background to the students. He pointed to the role of modern technology especially IT which had added new dimension to the media and communication. He spoke about theory and practical co-relationship. He shared his vast experiences of the field which were informative and entertaining at the same time. He advised the students to be keen observers and apt to learning. He said that media educators and practitioners should work together to produce quality journalism in the county.

Absar Abdul Ai said “Media is science and media people are scientist”. He was of the opinion that media and showbiz were separate things but certain elements were getting these mixed up he advised the students to broaden their horizon by study and discussion. He suggested that by a simple exercise of writing letter to the editor a person can become citizen journalist who can highlight a problem of the society and at the same time learn how to write and express oneself.

Raza Kazmi appraised the media scenario before the students he pointed to the strong link between theory and practice. He expressed concern about the widening gap between communication and morality that was mainly due to the profit motto. According to him sudden and quick expansion of media had permitted many non professional people to find a place in the media who were responsible for many unhappy things in progress. He stressed that ideology and objective should be given preference over the profit.

Wasif Nagi highlighted the need for responsive attitude in feature report writing as well as host and anchors. He pointed to the existing limitations in the electronic and print media for the students in the process of learning and training.

Dr Muhammad Ijaz Butt, Principal of the college spoke about the importance and significance of print and electronic media in the world today. He expressed his concern on quality of material presented in the name of entertainment at different channels. He talked about social and political responsibilities of the media. At the end the souvenirs and gifts were presented to the guests as the principal offered thanks to the learned scholars for quality lectures.