The societal fragment in Pakistan is composed of different groups, as some are in majority and some are in minorities. It is very important for a state to safeguard the rights of its minorities, and provide them speedy justice whenever they are in hot waters. In Pakistan the Hindu community is dispersed in different areas, with a strong historical background. Most of the Hindu communities living in Pakistan are among those families that settled here before partition. Yesterday one of my friends from Umer Kot (Sindh) called me and shared a tragic story.

According to my friend, a couple of days ago, a six year old Hindu girl Vayjanti was raped by boys belonging to a local feudal family. Vayjanti lives in the village Ghulam Nabi Shah, which is a union council of Umer Kot. She belongs to a poor family, and her father is a shopkeeper. The Hindu community living in this area is not against the education of girls, so most of them encourage their girls to get education. A group of young boys from a feudal family purchased a house in the village Ghulam Nabi Shah; they used the house for many crimes like gambling, drinking alcohol etc. Their criminal activities were increasing rapidly and rape at gun point was added to them when they accosted Vayjanti and her elder sister returning from school.

The elder sister ran away, but Vayjanti was too young and they caught her. The elder sister told her parents and asked them to help Vayjanti. Vayjanti’s father and her relatives went to the house where the boys lived. When the villagers and Vayjanti family members arrived they tremble at the horror. Vayjanti was raped and was lying unconscious, her father with the help of some villagers went to the police station to register an FIR but the police was not ready to register an FIR against these rich spoiled boys who belonged to a powerful feudal family.

At last the local print and electronic media hounded the authorities to take action. After much pressure the police registered the FIR but the rumor is that the boy’s parents paid the SHO and SP 12 lakh and 3 lakh each respectively. This money was paid to alter the FIR. To make the case murky the police also arrested an innocent person and tortured him to the extent where he accepted raping the six year old Vayjanti. Vayjanti is a Pakistani citizen and as such it is important that the state gives her speedy justice. The culprits must be punished for such inhuman action. I would like to end this story by sharing a saying of Holy Prophet (PBUH) “Beware! If anyone dared oppress a member of the minority community or usurped his right or tortured him more than his endurance or took something away forcibly without his consent, I would fight (against such Muslim) on his behalf on the Day of Judgment.” (Abu Dawood 3:170)


Mianwali, December 12.