Not long ago, Sindh province had the highest literacy rate among the rest of provinces. Owing to the quality of education, people from other provinces used to come for education here. With the passage of time, education lost its glory and prestige in Sindh. The current situation of education in Sindh forces me to cry out in pain. How did it happen and who is responsible? And many more questions arise.
Primary education is considered as one of the building blocks for a child’s upbringing but it has become bad and neglected to the extent where it has become almost extinct and particularly for those who need it most. In numerous villages, primary schools lack basic facilities i.e. furniture, water coolers and sanitary facilities, let alone play grounds or computer labs.
In most of these schools, instead of children, one may find animals tied. Most of these schools have been taken over by influential landlords and have been turned into personal residences. The political appointment of teachers has further deteriorated the situation.
If this continues, soon there would be no education in rural Sindh. On the other hand, Punjab government has taken meritorious steps to improve education and it surely it shows the way forward.
But unfortunately, it seems, third time elected CM of Sindh has never considered education his priority nor has he visited any school to enquire about the situation there. I would like to urge our CM and education minister of Sindh to revisit the policies and take some drastic and pragmatic steps to steer out of storm the sinking ship of education in Sindh.
Shikarpur, December 17.