Comprehensive security arrangements have been finalised in Bahawalpur region for processions and congregation in connection with Hazarat Imam Hussain’s Chehlum.
Fourteen processions of category A, 13 of category B, 43 of category C will be taken out. While 182 public gatherings will be held as 15 have been placed in category A, 48 in category B and 119 in category C.
According to the Regional Police Officer Shahid Hanif’s directions, in processions and gatherings, 22 SP/DSPs, 69 inspectors, 232 sub inspectors, 384 ASIs and 3,424 head constables/constables will be deployed, apart from 1,000 national volunteers, 470 special police, 426 private volunteers male and 120 women.
For the security of Bahawalpur Region’s sensitive processions and public gatherings, 86 CCTV cameras will be installed. The RPO directed DPOs of Bahawalpur Region to get video footage of sensitive processions and gatherings.
Only one entrance and exit point will be made for the processions and gatherings on which walkthrough gates and metal detectors will be installed and mourners will be checked before letting them enter in the processions and gatherings.